Monday, November 5, 2012

Entrepreneurship on the Rise at the College of Music

David Cutler was the first in a series of lecturers within the College of Music to discuss the importance of being entrepreneurial in your thinking as a musician. Cutler, who serves as the new Director of Music Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, spoke to an enthusiastic cadre of College of Music students during his October 5 and 6th residency on campus. Included in his lectures were: The Outward Artist—Why We Choose Careers in Music; Arts Marketing 010; Average Student, Savvy Student and Managing the Savvy Artists’ Career. Cutler was impressed with the overall quality of student that he met at Florida State University, and was pleased with the curricular and co-curricular efforts being made by the College to inform music students regarding this important aspect of their careers.

Cutler said: "The students were spectacular--engaged, communicative, pro-active, and eager to do something meaningful with their art and career. It was a pleasure integrating with the FSU community, and I look forward to seeing where the College of Music goes from here."

Rachel Roberts, who directs the Music Entrepreneurship program at the New England Conservatory of Music, will be on-campus on January 25-26 to share her ideas regarding music entrepreneurship with College of Music students and faculty.