Thursday, January 29, 2015

College of Music Faculty, Alum Recognized at FMEA Conference

The College of Music would like to congratulate Dr. Alice-Ann Darrow and Dr. Josh Bula for their recent recognition at the 2015 Florida State Music Educators’ Association conference in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Alice-Ann Darrow, FSU’s Irvin Cooper Professor of Music Therapy and Music Education, was recognized as FMEA’s “Collegiate Music Educator,” an award which recognizes a music educator’s exemplary service to students, community, and profession. The recipient must have demonstrated notable achievements as a music education professional for ten or more years.

From the 2015 FMEA conference program:
…[Dr. Darrow’s] teaching and research interests are teaching music to special populations and the role of music in deaf culture. Related to these topics, she has been the recipient of more than 20 federal, university and corporate grants, and she has published numerous monographs, research articles, and book chapters. She is editor of the text Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy and co-author of Music in Special Education. Dr. Darrow serves on the editorial boards of the Bulletin for the Council on Research in Music Education, Music Therapy Perspectives and Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, and as a U.S. commissioner for the International Society for Music Education. She has been the recipient of the Ella Scoble Opperman Faculty Citation award from the FSU College of Music, research and clinical practice awards from the American Music Therapy Association.

In her capacity as a college professor, Alice-Ann Darrow encourages creativity and allows emerging educators to foster a deeper understanding of their role in the development of young musicians. In her letters of support, former colleagues and students describe her as being "kind, generous, engaging, awe-inspiring and relevant." Statements such as "Dr. Darrow is an educator at heart," "is in-tune with her students," "creates a dynamic learning environment" and "shows an irrepressible love for all students" resound throughout the letters of those who sing her praises. Former colleague and friend, Dr. Martha Stanley, sums it up when she writes, "Dr. Alice-Ann Darrow is a master at both the art and the craft of teaching." 


FSU Alumnus Josh Bula (PhD Music Education, 2011) was also recognized at the conference, receiving FMEA’s “Distinguished Service” award, a designation conferred upon individuals outside the field of professional music education who demonstrate exceptional service to or support of music education.

From the 2015 FMEA conference program:
In describing Josh Bula, a common theme is found in the many letters of support attached to the nomination. Words such as thorough, patient, efficient, kind, helpful, professional and visionary resonate throughout them all. When we think of the sphere of influence Josh has on arts education, we must think broader than just FMEA. Josh not only provides services to FMEA and all of our components, but also to the Florida School Music Association (FSMA), the Florida Art Educators Association (FAEA), the Florida Alliance for Arts Education (FAAE) and the Florida Network of Arts Administrators (FNAA). He has expertly designed programs for membership management, database administration, web development and design, as well as app development.

No one sings Josh's praises better than Dr. Bentley Shellahamer, and he should know. His relationship with Dr. Bula goes back quite a while. Dr. Shellahamer says, "I am very pleased to support the nomination of Dr. Josh Bula for the FMEA Distinguished Service Award. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Dr. Bula for approximately 20 years, and during that time I have witnessed his sincere dedication to music education in Florida; a dedication that he expresses so generously through the highly effective service he provides. Throughout his career he has epitomized the concept of professionalism and the expectation of 'serving' the constituents of that profession."