Florida State University and the College of Music offer many funding opportunities to offset the cost of your education.


All admitted freshmen are automatically considered for the University Freshman Scholarship. A separate application is not required. Scholarships are competitive and awarded based on academic merit. The award is $2,400 per year distributed over four years. Accepted freshmen that have received the University Freshman Scholarship are also eligible to apply for the Presidential Scholars Program. Students selected to be Presidential Scholars will receive an additional $2,400 Presidential Scholarship for a total of $4,800 per year. [learn more]


Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate applicants who demonstrate superior musical ability. These annual scholarships range from $500 to $3,000 per academic year, are based on the admissions audition, and require no additional application.


Awarded to all non-Florida resident, undergraduate, College of Music students. The minimum amount of this award is 50% of the out-of-state portion of tuition, but students may qualify for additional funding based on the quality of the audition as well as the academic record. Based on a full-time enrollment of 30 credit hours per year, the 50% award is valued at $7,222 per year. The award is only applied toward tuition and does not include other fees, nor does it apply toward study-abroad programs. 


Graduate assistantships are available in most areas of study. Graduate assistants receive a full tuition waiver and an annual stipend that ranges from $7,998.72 to $15,997.44. Applicants are encouraged to apply by December 1st. [learn more]


Available to a limited number of students in all disciplines, these awards range from $5,000 to $30,000. The application deadline for most awards is December 1st; please contact the College of Music Admissions office if you intend to apply. [learn more]

Academic Common Market for Graduate Students

Under the Academic Common Market agreement, graduate students in certain academic areas may be eligible for in-state tuition, based on the applicant’s state of residency. For detailed information, contact the Graduate Music Office or the Academic Common Market Coordinator for your home state. [learn more]

Linkage Institute Waivers for International Students

Depending on country of citizenship, international students may qualify for an Out-of-State tuition waiver. Guidelines vary from country to country. Please contact College of Music Admissions if you think you may qualify. [learn more]