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2019 Clinical Fieldwork

January 24-25 | February 28-March 1 | April 25-26
May 16-17 | August 22-23 | September 12-13


Upcoming Lectures

Thursday April 4
MWR-AMTA Conference
Kansas City, MO

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Tallahassee, FL

Thursday January 24 to
Friday January 25
Application Deadline: January 4

Thursday April 25 to 
Friday April 26
Application Deadline: March 29  

Thursday August 22 to
Friday August 23
Application Deadline: July 26

Norton Women's & Children's Hospital

Louisville, KY

Thursday February 28 to
Friday March 1
Registration Deadline: February 1

Thursday May 16 to
Friday May 17
Application Deadline: April 19 

Thursday September 12 to
Friday September 13
Application Deadline: August 16

Registering for Clinical Fieldwork

Earn 16 CMTE* hours of supervised, intensive in vitro hospital training in NICU and pediatric MT procedures. Spend two days at either Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare in Tallahassee, Florida or another participating hospital. Clinical fieldwork requires a fee of $250 due with registration. Training must be scheduled within two years of completion of lecture component.

Step 1: Applying for the Clinical Fieldwork

Please email Ciele Gutierrez at with the completed, site-specific application and required documents. Sending your paperwork is not confirmation to attend the clinical fieldwork. Applications that are sent in with all of the paperwork completed will be given priority over applications that are not completed.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare -   Fieldwork Application

Norton Women's and Children's Hospital -  Fieldwork Application Compliance Training Form Confidentiality Oath HireRight Authorization

Step 2: Clinical Fieldwork Payment

Once your paperwork has been received and approved, you will be notified if there are spots available for the fieldwork you are interested in attending. You will then be provided information on where to send your check or money order to complete your registration.

**Please do NOT send check or money order until you have been approved.

Step 3: Confirmation

You will be sent a confirmation number which will reserve your spot for the clinical fieldwork and you may begin making your travel arrangements.

**Please do NOT make travel arrangements until you have been sent a confirmation number.

Please review our Policies below for more information

Standley, J.M., Gregory, D., Whipple, J., Walworth, D., Nguyen, J., Jarred, J., Adams, K., Procelli, D., & Cevasco, A. (2005).Medical Music Therapy: A Model Program for Clinical Practice, Education, Training, and Research. Silver Springs, MD: American Music Therapy Association.(included with registration fee for Clinical Fieldwork):

Clinical Fieldwork Policies

Payment/Clearance Policy
Full payment ($250) is required with your completed registration form for clinical fieldwork, proof of liability insurance, proof of positive varicella titre, proof of immunizations, and proof of a negative PPD skin test within the past 12 months in order to receive confirmation number to secure your clinical fieldwork reservation. You must be deemed cleared by the training site at minimum 2 weeks prior to the training start date in order to participate in fieldwork training. $250 registration fee can be paid via money order or check made payable to (online payment and/or credit card payment is not available at this time):


Checks and money orders will be deposited after confirmation numbers are given. In the case of checks returned for insufficient funds, the confirmation number will be invalidated and reservation will be cancelled. In this event, The National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy is not responsible for any fees incurred by travel arrangements or accommodations.

Reservation Policy
• Reservations must be made at least six weeks prior to the desired workshop dates
• Please do not finalize your airfare and/or travel plans until you have received your confirmation number
 Reservations are NOT COMPLETE without registration form, full payment, varicella titre, liability insurance, AND a confirmation number

Cancellation and Refund Policy
• 30 or more days prior to scheduled Clinical Fieldwork: Registered attendees may request in writing a full refund of registration fee or may apply their payment to a future Clinical Fieldwork Experience (if space is available) within six months of initial scheduled Clinical Fieldwork.
• Less than 30 days prior to scheduled Clinical Fieldwork: No refunds are available. Registered attendees may apply their payment to a future Clinical Fieldwork Experience within six months of initial scheduled Clinical Fieldwork.
• Workshop attendees are responsible for hotel reservations, alterations, cancellations, and any penalties that may accompany these changes.

Liability Insurance Policy
• All workshop attendees who wish to participate in the hands-on training in the NICU will be required to show proof of professional liability insurance before holding a neonatal patient. Workshop attendees who fail to show proof of liability insurance will only be allowed to observe in the NICU. Participants must submit proof of liability insurance with registration.
• Two options for obtaining professional or student liability insurance are:

Varicella Titre Policy
• All institute attendees must provide proof of a varicella titre to enter the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This is a lab test proving that one has had the chicken pox. A written note from a doctor stating that one has had the chicken pox is not sufficient. Participants must submit proof of the varicella titre with registration.

Confidentiality and Responsibility Policy
• All participants will be required to read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and Statement of Responsibility upon arrival at clinical fieldwork site.
• All participants will adhere to the policies outlined in the Confidentiality Agreement and Statement of Responsibility.

Grooming Policy
Visitors must wear their identification badge whenever on hospital grounds. Attire should be professional in appearance. No sleeveless shirts, open-toed shoes, denim, corduroy, or shorts are permitted. Skirt length should fall below the knee.

All hair styles should be clean, neat and conservatively styled and in good taste. The length and/or bulk of the hair will not be excessive or present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance. It should be neatly cut. No rattails or spike hairdos are permitted. Men's hair styles should be conservative and business-like and not excessively long. Sideburns should not extend downward beyond the upper part of the exterior ear opening. Sideburns should also be straight and not flared. Women's hair falling below the shoulder should be contained and back. Hairpieces can be worn if they are conservative and in good taste. No hair glitter or sparkling jewelry is to be worn either in the hair or on the hairpiece. Beards and mustaches are permitted if they are short and neatly.

Hands should be clean and neatly manicured. Nail polish should be in keeping with the hospital's conservative image. When working in the Newborn Intensive/Intermediate Care Units, acrylic and other artificial fingernails are prohibited and natural fingernails should not extend beyond the fingertip, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Jewelry should be in good taste, not lavish or overly ornate. Only moderate amounts should be worn. Multi-colored garnish beads or heavy chunky style beads are not permitted. Single strands of one color are allowed. Dangling earrings of one inch or less are permitted, with one earring in each ear. Males are not allowed to wear earrings. Pins are limited to wear on scarves, collars, or lapels. Rings are limited to the third and forth fingers of each hand, with no more than one ring per finger (wedding rings and engagement rings are considered one), and with no more than three total rings. Neck chains and necklaces should be tasteful and not too thick. Participants may not wear a hat, cap, visor, scarf, or headband unless used as part of a costume. However, it is acceptable to wear those items to and from the hospital. No rings, bracelets, or watches are permitted in the NICU.

Makeup should be subdued, without heavy or dramatic effects. Perfumes, colognes, and scents should be minimal and should not be a heavy fragrance that dominates a room.

Grievance Policy and Procedure
• Participants have the right to file a grievance within 30 days of workshop completion.
• Content of a grievance should include aspects of the workshop as covered by the policies and procedures.
• Participants wishing to file a grievance should submit it in writing to:
Ciele Gutierrez
1331 East 6th Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303
• All grievances will be presented to a grievance committee and a written response will be sent to the participant within 30 days of receipt of the grievance.

Grievance Appeal Policy and Procedures
• Participants have the right to appeal decisions made by the grievance committee.
• Participants wishing to file an appeal should submit it in writing to:
Ciele Gutierrez
1331 East 6th Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303
• All appeals will be presented to a grievance appeal committee and a written response will be sent to the participant within 30 days of receipt of the appeal.
• Participants have the right to have an unresolved grievance addressed by CBMT's Continuing Education Committee. (NOTE: This should occur only after the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare - The Florida State University Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy Institute Grievance Procedure has been exhausted.)

Other Policies for Clinical Fieldwork
• Due to the unpredictability of the hospital census, the National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy cannot guarantee that participants will observe all areas outlined in the workshop schedule.
• All participants are responsible for their own transportation to, from, and during the workshop dates.
• All participants are responsible for their own hotel/lodging arrangements during the workshop dates.
• All participants are responsible for their own meals during the workshop dates.

Special Criteria for Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Clinics

  • The clearance process to attend the Clinical Fieldwork at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital requires the participant to pay an extra $76 fee. This fee includes having the participant have a drug screen and background check before attending the institute. Please contact Ciele Gutierrez at for any questions.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to have international participants at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Institute due to the clearance process.
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