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The Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Conference brings together music education professionals and students from all over the southeast region to highlight the best of what Florida has to offer. The conference will be held at the Tampa Convention Center January 11-14, 2023, where more than 10,000 attendees get to enjoy performances, clinic sessions, the exhibition hall, and more. The FSU College of Music is pleased to recognize over 90 of our alumni, faculty, and current students who are presenting and performing at FMEA this year (see schedule below).

Be sure to join us on Friday, January 13 for the FSU College of Music Alumni Reception, held from 5-7 p.m. in the H.B. Plant Ballroom at the Tampa J.W. Marriott. All FSU alumni, faculty, and students are invited!

Wednesday, January 11

  • 8am-4pm (Marriott Meeting Room 1) – FOA New Adjudicator Training
    Kasia Bugaj (Faculty), Jason Jerald (BME, 2002)
  • 9am (TCC 105) – FVA Adjudicator Training
    Dale Choate (BME, 1980; MM, 1985)
  • 1pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – FBA Initial Solo & Ensemble Adjudication Workshop
    Brian Sullivan (MM, 1990)
  • 1pm (TCC 118) – FMEA Pre-Conference “Building Community: Your Voice Matters!”
    Shelby Montgomery (BME, 2012; MME, 2017), Jeanne Reynolds (BME), Ajori Spencer (BM, 2013)
  • 2:30pm (TCC 109) – FBA Adjudication Workshop: Sight Reading
    David Sellers (BME, 1985)
  • 7:30pm (TCC Ballroom B) – FMEA President’s Concert: Sickles High School Wind Ensemble
    Keith Griffis (BME, 2013)

Thursday, January 12

  • 8am (TCC Ballroom A) – FMEA Concert Hour: H.B. Plant Wind Ensemble
    Brian Dell (BME, 1998)
  • 9am (TCC 118) – Opening Session: Student Conference/Tri-M Experience
    Charlene Cannon (BME, 2010)
  • 1:45pm (Marriott Meeting Room 2) – “Coloring outside the Lines: Using Nonverbal Communication for Conducting Effective Rehearsals”
    Julia Baumanis (BME, 2010; MME, 2016; DM, 2019)
  • 1:45pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “Crash Course: Your One-Stop-Shop for Teaching Group Piano”
    Diana Dumlavwalla (Faculty), Ricardo Pozenatto (PhD)
  • 1:45pm (TCC 111) – “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practical Applications for University Music Teaching”
    Alicia Romero-Sardiñas (MME, 2006)
  • 1:45pm (TCC 401) – Hello My Friend: Creating a Sense of Belonging in Your Classroom and Beyond
    Ashleigh Bowen (MM Music Therapy, 2019)
  • 1:45pm (TCC 109) – Start from Where You’re At: A Trans Music Educator’s Perspective on Gender Inclusivity
    Emerson Oliver (BME, 2018)
  • 1:45pm (TCC 105) – Understanding the System: Advocacy, Legislation, and You!
    Dakeyan Graham (DM, 2022)
  • 1:45pm (TCC 120) – Vocal Tech 101: A Comprehensive Curriculum for High School Vocal Techniques Courses
    Sarah Leaman (BME, 2017)
  • 3pm (TCC 401) – “Balance: Not Just in Music, but in Your Life”
    Chandler L. Wilson (Faculty)
  • 3pm (TCC 402) – “Building Community: Recruitment and Retention Strategies through Collaboration”
    Brigitte Poulson
  • 3pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “Making Our Mark – Another Take on Programming Underrepresented Composers”
    Jack Eaddy (BME, 2002)
  • 3pm (TCC 118) – “Success Does Not Equal Superior – How to Have a Great First MPA Experience”
    Amy Beres (BME, 1996)
  • 3pm (TCC 101) – “Trumpet Solutions: Tips to Developing the High School Trumpet Section and Identifying Individual Student’s Abilities”
    Aaron Witek (DM, 2013)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 105) – “Beating Burnout- How to Thrive, Not Just Survive!”
    Charles Watford (MME, 2001)
  • 4:15pm (Marriott Florida Ballroom, Salons 1-3) – “Introducing Emile: Facilitating Rhythmic Independence”
    Michael Weintraub (BME, 2010)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 112) – “Serious Fun: Revitalize Your Teaching through Play”
    Kari Adams (Faculty), Morgan Luttig (PhD, 2022)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 103) – “The ‘Few Good Men’ in an Unbalanced Choir”
    Greg LeFils (PhD, 2014)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 407) – “The Best Improvisation Method You’ve Never Heard Of”
    Edward White (BA Jazz, 2015)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 401) – “The Elephant in the Room? Teaching String Bassists in the Heterogenous String Classroom”
    Shelby Montgomery (BME, 2012; MME, 2017)
  • 4:15pm (TCC 114) – “Unify Your Students through Group Projects”
    Gretchen Wahlberg (BME, 1976; MME)
  • 6:30pm (TCC Ballroom B) – FMEA Concert: UCF- University Singers
    Jeffrey Redding (MME, PhD)
  • Friday, January 13

    7:45am (TCC Ballroom B) – “All Together Now! Unifying the Performing Arts in Your School and School District”
    Greg LeFils (PhD, 2014), John Lychner (PhD, 1995)
  • 7:45am (TCC 111) – “Hear the Drums Talk”
    Josue Rodriguez (Music Therapy Certification, 1989)
  • 7:45am (TCC 105) – “Pop Orchestra Ensemble: Learning and Arranging Popular Music by Ear”
    AnnMarie Abraham (BME, 2018)
  • 10:30am (TCC Lobby Stage) – FMEA Mini Concert: Evans High School Concert Choir
    Edith Wright (BME, MME)
  • 10:30am (TCC West Hall A) – “How to Fix It”
    Amy Beres (BME, 1996), Kelly Dorsey (BME, 1989), Brantley West (BME, 2021), Chandler L. Wilson (Faculty)
  • 10:30am (Marriott Meeting Room 3) – “Keyboard DJ: How to Remix any Tune for your Group Piano Class”
    Diana Dumlavwalla (Faculty), Melody Morrison (current PhD)
  • 10:30am (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “Make a Joyful Noise: Building a Gospel Choir from Scratch!”
    Marques Ruff (PhD, 2021), Dante Webb (current PhD)
  • 10:30am (TCC 401) – “Now and Then: A Critical Comparison of Teaching High School and College Marching Band in Diverse Populations”
    Joel Pagan (MME, 2005)
  • 10:30am (TCC 112) – Panel: “Current Challenges in Collegiate Music Education”
    Mitchell Hutchings (MM, 2010), Troy Jones (BME, 1994)
  • 10:30am (TCC 103) – “Sight Reading: Finding Success in the Room before Even Entering It”
    Dominick Eggen (BME, 2002; MME, 2007), Joshua Sall (BME, 2007)
  • 10:30am (Marriott Meeting Room 4) – “Sing with the Band! Incorporating Contemporary Vocal Music with Modern Band”
    Morgan Jolley (MME, 2014)
  • 10:30am (TCC 118) – “Student Conference Experience: Music in College”
    DaLaine Chapman (BME 1983, MME 2002)
  • 10:30am (TCC 107) – “Uniting Administrators and Music Educators to Build Performing High Schools”
    Jeanne Reynolds (BME)
  • 11:45am (TCC 403) – “Collaboration and Collegiality in the Performing Arts”
    Sarah Leaman (BME, 2017), Wesley Roy (MME)
  • 11:45am (TCC 111) – “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Look at the Current Trends and Beyond”
    John Lychner (PhD, 1995)
  • 11:45am (Marriott Meeting Room 2) – “Infusing oThEr MuSiC into the Keyboard Curriculum”
    Jacob Merrett (BME, 2011)
  • 11:45am (TCC 107) – “School and District Advocacy – Unity Where it Matters Most”
    Jeanne Reynolds (BME)
  • 11:45am (TCC 105) – “The Art of Facilitation: Navigating Race, Culture, and Difference in the Music Classroom”
    Marshaun Hymon (BME)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 404) – “Application of Gordon’s Music Learning Theory on College Group Piano Classes”
    Melody Morrison (current PhD), Sofia Notar-Francesco (current MME)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 114) – “Building Stronger Communities by Running for Office”
    Jeanne Reynolds (BME)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 116) – “Conceptual Teaching in the Band Room: What We Can Learn from Our Elementary Friends”
    Michael Antmann (BME, 2001)
  • 1:30pm (Marriott Meeting Room 1) – “Ensemble Unity – Group Building Games for any Ensemble”
    Carolyn Tuttle (MME, 2012)
  • 1:30pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “Forging a Fabulous Internship”
    Jesalin Gonzalez (BME, 2022), Valerie Parrish (BME, 2019), Evan Powers (BME, 2010)
  • 1:30pm (Marriott Florida Ballroom, Salons 1-3) – “Guitar Pedagogy: Right Hand Fingerpicking Technique”
    Edward Prasse (BME, 1994; MME, 2006)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 401) – “Music Production in the Modern General Music Classroom”
    Matthew Harmon (BME, 2015)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 118) – “Restart, Rebuild, Renew! Essentials for Success in a Choral Program”
    Kyle Goyens (MME, 2019)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 111) – “Teaching Music to ESE Students 101”
    Lee Commander (BME, MME), Kimberly VanWeelden (Faculty)
  • 1:30pm (Marriott Meeting Room 2) – “Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in Music Education”
    Ramon Cardenas (current DM)
  • 1:30pm (TCC 107) – “You Want Me to Teach What? Jazz for the Non Jazz Cat”
    Victoria Warnet (BME, 2012; MME, 2018; PhD, 2021)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 404) – “A Demographic Profile of High School Music Courses in New York”
    David Knapp (BA, 2002; MME, 2007; PhD, 2012)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 105) – “A Place in the Choir”
    Michael Hanawalt (Faculty; PhD, 2012)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 402) – “Accessible and Beautiful: SATB/SAB Music by Minority Composers/Arrangers”
    Edryn Coleman (MME, 2006)
  • 2:45pm (Marriott Meeting Room 1) – “Clap, Sing, Play! Effective Strategies for Strengthening Your Class Piano Students’ Music”
    Diana Dumlavwalla (Faculty), Ricardo Pozenatto (PhD)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 101) – “Collaborating Across the Hall: What Can Bands and Choirs Learn from Shared Experiences?”
    Eric Allen (BME, MME), Alan Zabriskie (PhD, 2010)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 401) – “Divided by Section, United in Harmony”
    Shelby Montgomery (BME, 2012; MME, 2017)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 120) – FVA Reading Session: “Using Repertoire to Build Community”
    Wesley Roy
  • 2:45pm (TCC 111) – “Gay Choirs: What, When, Who, Where, and Why?”
    Braeden Ayres (PhD Music Education, 2021)
  • 2:45pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “So I’ve Learned a Jazz Solo, Now What?”
    Zachary Bartholomew (BA Jazz 2004, current MM)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 112) – “Student Conference Experience: Conference Wrap Up and the Way Forward”
    Charlene Cannon (BME, 2010)
  • 2:45pm (TCC 103) – “Targeted and Effective Warmups for the String Classroom”
    David Pope (BME, 2003; PhD, 2012)
  • 2:45pm (Marriott Meeting Room 4) – “To Music and Beyond! Creating Connections through the Classroom”
    Emma Harmon (BME, 2019)
  • 4pm (TCC 105) – “Finding the Balance”
    Emmaleigh Carr (BA, 2013), Stephanie Carr (BME, 2013; MME, 2017)
  • 4pm (TCC West Hall A) – “From Africa to the Americas: Capoeira! The Game of Life”
    Edwin Anderson (BME, 1997)
  • 4pm (TCC 404) – Graduate Research Forum
    Nick Doshier (current PhD)
  • 4pm (TCC 111) – “Music Dept. vs. Component Kingdom”
    Daniel Lee (BME, 2007), Robin Morris (BME), Robert Washington (BME, 2016)
  • 4pm (Marriott Meeting Room 5) – “Music Selection for the Steelband”
    William Sahely (BME, 2010; MA Arts Administration, 2013)
  • 4pm (TCC 107) – “Things They Didn’t Teach You in School: Strategies for All Stages in the Profession”
    Jack Eaddy (BME, 2002)
  • 5-7pm (H.B. Plant Ballroom, J.W. Marriott) – FSU Alumni Reception
    All alumni, faculty, and students welcome!
  • 9:30pm (Barrymore Hotel) – Intercollegiate Band Performance
    current students: Easton Barham, AC Caruthers, Rita Cesare-DeGroat, Jack Lyons, Brenna Miller, Sadie Murray, Sawyer Prichard, Jalen Smalls, Abbie Whitehurst

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