Conducting Programs at the College of Music

Our success is demonstrated by our many graduates employed by professional ensembles and universities.

Choral Conducting

The Choral Conducting Program is nationally and internationally renowned for the caliber of its students and the quality of instruction those students receive. Dr. André Thomas, director of Choral Activities, oversees the program, in which students enjoy extensive opportunities to conduct in a variety of settings. Students serve as teachings assistants and assistant conductors for our choral ensembles as well as the Florida State Opera Company. While at FSU, students engage in study of the art and science of conducting, incorporating techniques from our outstanding choral faculty.

Wind Conducting

The Wind Conducting Program offers diverse and intensive performance and study opportunities in one of the finest comprehensive university band programs in the nation. Professor Richard Clary has designed the program along traditional European orchestral models, with a vigilant eye on the ever-expanding repertory of the university wind band/ensemble. Band conducting teaching assistants enjoy a range of conducting and rehearsing experiences in wind bands across the span of department offerings -- from the Campus Ban and undergraduate University Concert and Symphonic Bands, to the renowned graduate-level University Wind Orchestra and Chamber Winds. Wind conducting majors are encouraged to pursue study opportunities with other FSU conducting faculty, and to conduct student ensembles for events such as the Festival of New Music, PRISM concerts, and chamber recitals.

Orchestral Conducting

The Orchestral Conducting Program is designed to provide thorough training and extensive podium time for gifted conductors aspiring to pursue careers with professional, youth, community, and academic orchestras. Under the direction of Dr. Alexander Jiménez, the program is highly selective and tailored to the unique talents and experience of each individual. Students serve as assistant conductors of both the renowned University Symphony orchestra and the University Philharmonia. They also lead the New Music Ensemble, have opportunities with the FSU opera, and often serve as cover conductors for the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras.




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