Graduate Funding



Graduate assistantships are available in most areas of study in the College of Music. The annual stipend can vary from $5,538 to $11,076 depending upon the stipend amount, the availability of supplemental scholarship funding, average hours per week, amount of service rendered, the nature of the service, and the qualifications of the student. Graduate assistants receive a waiver of a substantial portion of both in-state and out-of-state tuition (minus fees). Please understand that all student pay fees, no matter if they are on assistantship or not. Unfortunately fees cannot be waived. Tuition waiver holders should expect to pay over $1,000 in fees per semester, (including the $350 music facilities fee), plus the cost of books, health insurance, and personal expenses. Admissions applications will be accepted at any time, but the end of February is the deadline to be considered for assistantships that begin the following fall semester.

All students who complete the application process for admission to the College of Music are considered automatically for a graduate assistantship. No additional assistantship application is required.

Exception: Piano candidates who wish to be considered for an accompanying assistantship must meet with members of the accompanying faculty and do a short sight-reading test. This will take place on the Friday afternoon of audition weekends; candidates must contact Professor Trujillo ( to arrange a time.


General Financial Aid

Graduate Students are eligible to apply for financial aid through the Federal College Work Study Program, the Federal Perkins Loan and the Federal Family Loan Programs (Stafford, Non-Subsidized Stafford, SLS and PLUS). Students should correspond directly with the Office of Financial Aid, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2430 to receive appropriate applications and instructions. Because of strict financial deadlines, this process must take place as soon as possible after January 1 to be considered for aid for the following academic year. A student may apply for financial aid before acceptance for admission. Financial aid awards, however, are not made until the student is admitted to the University. If applying for financial aid in the form of government loans, students are expected to complete the FAFSA form. The loan process is handled by offices outside of the College of Music. Please visit the FSU Office of Financial Aid website for more information:

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